Skis- Demo

These skis have been loved by others and are now ready to be your new skis.

The skis listed below are demo skis, meaning, they have been used but maintained by professional ski technicians.They are sold with the demo bindings already mounted and included in the price. These skis are sold "as is." Please contact us with any questions.

Faction Prodigy 2014/15
Skiing Magazine's Independent Ski of the Year 2015 Faction's Prodigy Ski is designed to help you take your all-mountain ripping to the next level. The Prodigy features Faction's All-Mountain Rocker, which incorporates traditional camber underfoot with rocker in the tip and tail, letting you cruise over rough snow when you venture off-piste and rip turns when the fluff vanishes and you're left ripping hardpack. Even at 98 underfoot, the Prodigy is light as a feather too, with a poplar and ash core that has plenty of torsional stiffness and edge hold thanks to the STP construction. The gloss lacquer topsheet is designed to stay looking as fresh as a farmer's market, and the P-Tex 4000 base is quick on the snow. If you're looking for one quiver to rail groomer turns, hammer soft snow, ride switch, and hold its own in the park, the Prodigy'll make you look like a genius.
Price: $400.00
Faction Soma 2014/15
If you don't believe rocker can make an extraordinary ski even better, the Faction Soma all mountian ski will change your perspective. Faction took the versatile platform, added tip and tail rocker and stiffening up the flex. The Soma is the ultimate do-it-all ski with a full-length wood core and a versatile sidecut to ski the entire mountain from groomers to trees to pow to park. Don’t be fooled by the Soma’s mellow facade. Beneath the forgiving design and tip and tail rocker lies a ski that’s happy to be tipped over and arced. It’s insanely poppy, and it begs to go airborne off every bump, cat track, and roller. At 92 millimeters underfoot, the Soma hits the all-mountain sweet spot, especially if you occasionally roll through the terrain park. Also, the STP techonology provides superior edge-grip and reduces the core weight.
Price: $375.00
Icelantic Gypsy SKNY 2014/15
Powder7 says: "The Gypsy SKNY is a new invention from Icelantic for the 2014-15 ski season, featuring the same construction as the acclaimed Gypsy powder ski, but with a slimmer, more versatile 100mm underfoot width. That makes the playful, energetic, fully-rockered Gypsy SKNY an excellent everyday ski for mountains that get even a decent amount of snow. Smooth and responsive with a nearly symmetrical shape, this all-terrain slayer turns at the speed of thought and effortlessly shimmies through the steepest glades. Skiers looking for one ski to rule them all must add this mid-fat monster to their short list."
Price: $450.00
Icelantic Oracle 2014/15
The Oracle is designed for women who are tired of women’s skis. Integrating Icelantic’s “Fly-weight” core into our same quality lay-up, makes The Oracle equal in strength, but slightly lighter for a women’s frame. The Oracle has an early rise tip for maximum flotation and charge, with a traditional, scooped tail. The design is slightly tapered allowing the skier to maintain a forward, aggressive stance in any condition.
Price: $400.00
K2 Potion 76 2014/15
Fall under the spell of the K2 Potion 76 Skis. These skis are made for the beginner to intermediate level skier looking to hone her skills and build the confidence to take on the more. The All-Terrain Rocker Profile gives you a tip rocker and camber underfoot so you have great turn initiation and maintain control. With a slight rise in the tip of these skis, you will be able to float in the light powder while still have lots of ski to make your turns on. Hybritech Sidewalls have a cap construction in the tips and tails to make the ski more forgiving when you ease into and out of turns. The vertical sidewall underfoot provides super edge grip on the ice or firm snow. There's also Mod Technology in these skis that absorb vibrations and impact loads which ensure a stronger edge-hold, more power, comfort and control.
Price: $275.00
K2 Rictor 82 Xti 2014/15
The K2 AMP Rictor 82XTi is a perfect ski for the advanced to expert skier who is looking for a ski that can handle any day on the slopes regardless of the conditions. Built with K2s RoX technology it has a carbon web that has been added to the MOD construction for more torsional rigidity for more control, and ease the amount of effort to put into your turning. This X-shaped layer works separate from the primary core of the ski, making it the most technically advanced K2 ski ever made. The Rictor 82XTi has the width to keep you floating in the powder, but still be narrow enough to slice down the groomers at any rate of speed. The Hybritech Sidewalls make the tip and tail easy to engage and release your turn. The All terrain rocker will help absorb negative vibrations that you find in bumps or crud, keep you floating in light powder, and get your skis on edge easier on the hard pack. If you are a skier who is looking for a ski that will do the hard part for you, the K2 Rictor 82XTi is the ski for you. If you are looking for something a bit wider, also check out our K2 Rictor 90XTi.
Price: $350.00
K2 Shreditor 102 2014/15
The Shreditor 102 is Sean Pettit's freestyle and skinny ski. The prodigy skier needs a ski that he can make heads turn in the park and pipe and we mortals can use this ski as an all mountain ski. Works well in the powder or to power down the groomers. If you want to take the Shreditor 102 on a quick backcountry or sidecountry lap it has K2s Skin Grommets and is fully compatible with the Z-Clips so when you reach the summit. The Powder Tip has a wider taper to it along with the All Terrain Rocker so you can stay on top of everything that is deep and fluffy. For the new schoolers, the Bi-Directional Taper makes skiing switch easier no matter what condition. A full Aspen/Paulownia wood core has tons of spring and pop to it for stability at high speeds and launching off of natural features. If you are looking for a ski that can take on the BC, inbounds powder, the occasional groomer and the park the K2 Shreditor 102 is a super well rounded ski.
Price: $350.00
K2 Sight 2013/14
The K2 Sight Skis are a pair of snappy, responsive resort skis. The All-Terrain Rocker makes them more versatile than just a park ski, but still able to stomp with the best of them. The Sight has camber underfoot for grip on hard snow, but the ski is more than capable in the soft stuff. All this will become crystal clear once you've got the Sight
Price: $300.00